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How To Make Sure You're Eating Enough Ice Cream This Winter

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It's winter. It's cold outside. Your bones are frozen. You can't feel your toes. You are wearing four pairs of socks. You want to cry but the teardrops freeze before having the chance to roll dramatically down your cheek. There are icicles on your eyelashes. There is a permanent slick of snot latched to your upper lip.

You've been neglecting ice cream. You rationalize that the chill in the air and the frostbite you feel on your skin is justification enough for you and ice cream to take a break. You shan't go on like this.

Abstaining from ice cream is un-American.

Ice cream is a timeless treasure, meant to be appreciated year round. If you can hardly imagine ingesting a spoonful without shivering, consider this: During the winter months, your throat is dry and in need of some, well, lubrication. Nothing gets the job done better than ice cream, soothing a sore throat and satisfying a sweet craving all at once. It just isn't right to let the pints leftover from autumn accumulate freezer burn. It isn't right to serve a warm pie alone, rejecting the idea of doing so a la mode. It's inhumane, almost, to bake a batch of melty chocolate chip cookies and leave them lonely, without a scoop of ice cream sandwiched in between.

Listen, frigid times often lead to disillusion, but fortunately the flub is temporary. All you need is a little visual inspiration to remind you that ice cream is meant to be a daily menu item. There are ways to counteract the cold, too. Serve it, as mentioned above, alongside a complimentary baked good. You can top your ice cream on a homemade doughnut. You can scoop it into the middle of an oozy skillet cookie. And you can sip on a mug of hot chocolate between spoonfuls.

There's no need to apologize to ice cream. Just show ice cream you care by rectifying your misjudgment. Start with a couple of these recipes below to make amends.

Ice Cream Porn

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