01/12/2015 03:38 pm ET Updated Jan 12, 2015

13 New York Bozos That Aaron Rodgers Could Have Been Talking About

Mike McGinnis via Getty Images

We'll always have "Omaha." But it's now the era of the "New York Bozo."

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers gave NFL fans something to tweet about when he barked the memorable pre-snap phrase during his team's first drive against the Dallas Cowboys in their divisional-round playoff game at Lambeau Field on Sunday.

The audible was picked up by FOX microphones during the broadcast and immediately became a hot topic of conversation on Twitter. Many speculated that the phrase was a reference to Dallas Cowboys good luck charm Chris Christie. Of course, Christie is the governor of New Jersey, not quite a New York bozo.

With the geographic mismatch making it unclear that Christie, who made the trip to Wisconsin for the game, was the bozo, several notable New Yorkers were suggested as the inspiration.

After the Packers edged the Cowboys for a 26-21 win, Rodgers didn't shed any light on the inspiration for the phrase.

“Our guys don’t know what it means either,’’ Rodgers told reporters, via the New York Post. “It obviously didn’t mean anything.’’