01/14/2015 03:40 pm ET Updated Jan 14, 2015

Is Charlie Hebdo's Newest Cover Since The Massacre 'Brilliant' Or 'Soft'?

The highly-anticipated Charlie Hebdo cover released on Monday featuring the Prophet Muhammad holding a sign that reads "Je Suis Charlie" yielded various reactions from people unsure of what the satirical magazine would publish just days after two gunmen stormed the newsroom last week.

Huffington Post editorial directors from around the world came together to discuss their reactions to the cover, which HuffPost France editor-at-large Anne Sinclair said was more subtle than covers past.

"What I'm surprised about is that this cover is quite soft," Sinclair told HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill on Wednesday. "Maybe it can seem strange for other people in France because France is ... used to [having] very provocative covers with Charlie Hebdo, but this one is really, really soft."

Contrarily, HuffPost Editorial Director Howard Fineman called it an "impressive" cover that hit "just the right note of defiance."

"As was said in a way by the cartoonist, [the cover offers] more respect to the tradition of the prophet than the people who claim to be speaking, acting and killing in his name do. I thought it was brilliant," he said.

Watch the full segment on the Charlie Hebdo's first issue since the shootings here.

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