01/15/2015 06:26 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Blue Bacon Exists, And It Makes Green Eggs And Ham Seem Totally Normal

Because of Dr. Seuss, green eggs and ham are pretty much considered normal for most Americans. We thought that Dr. Seuss' creative mind had desensitized us to the crazy types of foods that people invent -- like the ramen burger or pizza cone -- but we were wrong. When we first laid eyes on blue bacon, we freaked out. Guys, it's weird. Really weird. See for yourself.

That is not an image of bacon that is way past its prime. Nope, those are slices of bacon that are about to be fried and eaten for breakfast. If your initial reaction to this sight is anything like ours, you're probably thinking "What the f*@$?!" followed by, "Will I die if I eat it?" No, you won't -- it's just food blogger Oh, Bite It! up to her crazy antics again.

We knew Amy of Oh, Bite It! was impressive when she brought us the grilled cheese "Cronut," but blue bacon is the stuff of Sam I Am. And yet, she did it. And it's totally edible. Once we got over the shock of blue bacon, the simplicity of it dawned on us: all you need is a little food coloring. And the ability to forget about what food coloring does might do to the insides of our bodies.

Head on over to Amy's site to learn the logistics of this breakfast oddity, but before you do that, check out the finished product.

blue bacon

We need to know: would you eat that?

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