01/16/2015 12:35 pm ET Updated Jan 20, 2015

These Pets Love The Snow, Mostly

Pets, they're just like us. Some absolutely love the snow, and others just wish they were in Florida right now.

Just a reminder -- keep your pets inside most of the time in the winter and be sure to wipe off their paws and stomachs when they come in from the cold. Salt, anti-freeze or other chemicals can harm your pet. Check out the ASPCA and Red Cross websites for more tips.

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Sunday morning funny #crazyeyes

A photo posted by Dewey The Border Collie 🐹 (@darklydreamingdewey) on

Flashback Friday to almost exactly 4 years ago. #Coulee

A photo posted by Wendy (@paws_on_the_run) on

Brrrrr it's cold! Got my snowball ready tho... 🐶🐻 ❄❄❄

A photo posted by Munchkin the Shih Tzu (@munchkintheshihtzu) on

Winter frisbee is so hard when you are so small

A photo posted by 🐾Phostar JRT (@alexei_tm) on

Brio likes the snow.

A photo posted by Edyta Cegielska Knudsen (@viggojewelry) on

© Snow rush #HPsnowpets for @ruffpost ❄️😜

A photo posted by pumpkin + sunshine (@ps.ny) on

Snow bunny. ❄️🐰

A photo posted by LOLA (@yogafrenchie) on

It's a bird...it's a plane...

A photo posted by T⓪fu🌿Warri⓪r (@tofuwarrior) on

So... Hmm... Mother Nature turned my backyard into a skating rink. 😕 #notimpressed

A photo posted by Canadian Cavalier puppy (@herkythecavalier) on

Okay I like the snow but where do I go pee?

A photo posted by Jetta & Ursa (@pawsandpaint) on

Lonely corgi butt. 🍑

A photo posted by Geordi La Corgi (@geordi_lacorgi) on

❄❄✨ ...flying Snow Dog...🐶✨ ______________________________ #snowdog #doubletoto

A photo posted by ❄Toto🐾⛄ (@totolino_16) on

Enjoy it while it lasts!

A photo posted by *~*Marina*~* (@marinanbn) on



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