01/18/2015 10:37 am ET Updated Jan 18, 2015

Bill Gates, Goldie Hawn Discuss The Importance Of Thriving At 2014's World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum at Davos last year tackled some complicated issues like climate change and youth unemployment. But many attendees concluded that in order to move forward and achieve any of these things, it's necessary to first take a step back.

Tips on how to let go, be present and live a well-balanced life were a major theme of last year's World Economic Forum in Davos and it'll be a common thread of this year's conference as well. So we took a look back at what some of the conference's most influential attendees like Goldie Hawn, actress and founder of the Hawn Foundation, Bill Gates of the Gates Foundation, and author Greg McKeown had to say.

"In a way we've been oversold on the value of more and undersold on the value of less," McKeown said last year. "That's in [regards] to 'stuff' and 'things' but it's also true in commitments we have and our schedules."

The World Economic Forum annual meeting will take place from January 21-24.