01/19/2015 11:32 am ET Updated Feb 10, 2015

These Incredible Family Photos of MLK Show A Side Of Him That Will Warm Your Heart

We all know Martin Luther King, Jr. to be among the world's greatest educators, freedom fighters, orators, leaders and truth seekers -- but his four children knew of many more loving layers to a man who had already earned a pretty high pedestal in society.

Despite all the great accolades Dr. King achieved throughout his short-lived life, there was perhaps one role that held prominence over most and that was being a father to his beloved children.

Dr. King and his wife, Coretta Scott King, welcomed four kids (Dexter, Bernice, Yolanda and Martin Luther King III) -- all of whom were once pint-sized toddlers who admired their father for reasons too many to list. Decades after his death, their admiration has not dwindled.

On a day commemorating Dr. King and celebrating his legacy, we invite you to a series of photos that show a rarely pictured and uplifting - but not any less authentic -- side to Dr. King during his days in Montgomery, Alabama.

MLK with Family