01/21/2015 09:20 am ET Updated Jan 21, 2015

Larry Wilmore Takes Down Bill Cosby On 'The Nightly Show'

Stephen Lovekin via Getty Images

In his second episode of "The Nightly Show," Larry Wilmore took down Bill Cosby and fans who have come to the comedian's defense amid sexual assault allegations.

"Why aren't people listening to these women? Because most of this allegedly happened so long ago? Is it because some of them went to Cosby's hotel room alone? Is it because there are no Polaroids? Is it because he's so famous, or is it just because they're women? I would say, enough have come forward. The current tally stands at 35 woman. Really folks, how many do we need?" Wilmore said.

Wilmore called Cosby's current tour the “tone-deaf comedy jam” -- referencing the actual title, "Far From Finished" -- and called out those who argue how many women have come forward to talk about Cosby's alleged abuse. “Now, to be fair, the number is changing so quickly that there are conflicting reports on whether the total really is 34 or 35,” Wilmore said, “but if the difference between 34 and 35 women matters to you, please fuck off forever.”



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