01/21/2015 06:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nathaniel Follette Makes Goofy Mug Shot Face To Protest Arrest

A man arrested for riding his bicycle inside a supermarket really mugged in his mug shot.

Nathaniel Follette, 31, was arrested Sunday afternoon after after refusing to stop riding his bicycle inside the Rancho San Miguel Market in Madera, California, reports.

At first, the store manager and onsite security guard tried to deal with the situation themselves, but Follette allegedly responded by threatening them with a pocket knife.

When officers arrived on scene, the suspect was still holding the knife, according to to a post on the Madera Police Department’s Facebook page.

Follette was taken into custody, but was not happy about it, according to authorities.

Follette decided to express his displeasure by posing for his mug shot with his eyes crossed and his tongue partially stuck out, ABC News reports.

Police weren't amused. Follette now faces charges for resisting arrest and exhibiting a deadly weapon, according to the New York Daily News.

nathaniel follette

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