01/22/2015 05:58 am ET Updated Jan 22, 2015

Caroline Anstey: 'Millennials Are Making It Clear They Want To Invest Alongside Their Values'

Caroline Anstey, Global Head of UBS and Society, said it's promising that younger people are wanting to invest in issues they care about as they grow, rather than waiting until old age to decide on what their legacy might be.

"The millennials are making it clear they want to invest alongside their values," Anstey told HuffPost Live at Davos. "Younger people are saying, 'I want my investments to reflect my beliefs, I want my workplace to reflect my beliefs,' and I think there is a big potential... to direct that."

Anstey said "despite all the gloom and doom," it's "very exciting" that people are looking to contribute to global issues.

"Imagine if you get 1, 2 percent of that money going into impact investing," Anstey added, noting that could mean billions of dollars going toward different causes.

Anstey spoke on impact investing and how it can be fostered by public-private partnerships.

"Impact investing, which is creating bonds, creating financial instruments to help the private sector come in and finance those things but finance them against the provision of results... I think is a very interesting concept," she said.

"We tend as a society to have this divide between private and public," Anstey added. "We have to now recognize that, saying people can do well and do good... it something we have to embrace."

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