01/22/2015 10:47 am ET Updated Jan 22, 2015

Lauren Graham Found Out 'Gilmore Girls' Was Canceled On A Restaurant's Landline Telephone

Lauren Graham didn't know the final scene she shot for "Gilmore Girls" would end up being her last. While appearing on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" on Tuesday night, the star revealed how she found out the series was canceled after filming had already wrapped.

We shot the last episode and we had no idea. There was some back and forth about what was gonna happen. I was in a restaurant and I had turned my phone off. So the waiter comes to the table and he was like 'Are you Lauren Graham?' and I was like, 'Yes.' He goes 'Your agent's on the phone.' I thought I was in a '40s movie or something. I was walking to the house phone and I was like 'Hello," and he goes 'It's cancelled.' And that's how I found out that it was the end.

Luckily, things worked differently for the end of Graham's second hit series "Parenthood," which airs its final episode next week. With plenty of advanced notice that the show was coming to a close, the cast and crew got sentimental, and even passed around "Parenthood" yearbooks for each other to sign.

"It was that kind of senior year depressing feeling," Graham said.

Thanks, "Parenthood." Making us cry to the very end.



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