Rabbi David Rosen: Don't Blame Muslims For The Paris Terror Attacks

Rabbi David Rosen, International Director of Interreligious Affairs at the American Jewish Committee, spoke with HuffPost Live at Davos about the recent attacks in Paris, and condemned those who blamed the Muslim community for the act of terror.

"The guy who basically took on, who protected, most, many people who would have been victims of that was a Muslim," Rosen said, referring to Lassana Bathily, who hid customers from a gunman at a Paris kosher market where he works.

"It's obvious to anybody, any fair minded person, that the actions of these terrible extremists that have done such horrendous crimes do not reflect the vast majority of Muslims," he added.

Rosen said there's a "very clear double standard" when it comes to the Western world's reaction to the Paris terror attacks versus the Boko Haram murders.

"The kind of coverage we give, or the kind of reaction we have, is very different," Rosen said, noting he thinks "we are closest to that which are closest to us."

Rosen also spoke to HuffPost Live about religious issues around the world, saying "secular" and "religion" shouldn't be seen as "antithetical."

"Religion is unhealthy without secular society because the most dangerous thing for religion is when it's married to political power," Rabbi Rosen said.

Rosen argued that while there are a growing group of atheists in the world, they're still a small faction compared with religious and "spiritual" communities.

"The search for meaning and of a higher dimension to our existence is there, even in secular society," Rabbi Rosen said, calling religion a "powerful and potent force."

"Religion is essentially a vehicle for the upliftment of humanity," he added.

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