01/27/2015 03:27 pm ET Updated Jan 28, 2015

Mom's Texts To Her Daughter Will Make You Laugh -- Especially If They Hit Too Close To Home

Crazy Jewish Mom

Mom blowing up your phone? This New Yorker can relate.

Kate Siegel's mom loves her a lot. Not only did she uproot her own life in Los Angeles to follow Siegel to the East Coast, she provides the 26-year-old with plenty of (unsolicited) dating advice. Oh, and she's always looking out for her daughter's safety.

With a collection of hilarious texts on hand, Siegel created the Instagram account Crazy Jewish Mom. And if you have a Jewish mother -- or just a pushy one! -- you'll probably be able to relate. The account currently has about 169,000 followers.

"I'll never know how many important messages I missed," Siegel told The Huffington Post of her pre-texting relationship with her mom. "My voicemail was always full of my mother's stream of consciousness."

Although her mom can be overwhelming, Siegel says she wouldn't change a thing.

"My mother, as pushy as she can be, wants nothing but the best for me. I wouldn't be where I am today without her support and guidance, and I love her very much. I just hope I'm not turning into her."

Check out some of their conversations below.

On the greatness of J-Date:

Oy. #crazyjewishmom #jdate

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On surviving a blizzard:

Doesn't seem like a good idea. #crazyjewishmom #pepperspray

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On her biological clock:

She's just kind. #crazyjewishmom #birthday #biologicalclock #wrongsideof25 #ticktock

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On how to keep your man:

So much wisdom. #crazyjewishmom #superjew #boyfriend #grandchildren

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On career:

Oh, and this:

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