01/27/2015 10:42 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

These NYC Snow Photos Show Us What New York Looks Like Without All The People

Winter Storm Juno hit New York City Monday night, but the "potentially historic" snowfall Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke of kinda forgot to make a showing.

Not that we're complaining about missing out on three to five feet of snow, but some people are giving NYC a hard time for overreacting and shutting down the roads and subways.

But with those shut down roads and few inches of snow came some really, really beautiful photos of something we rarely get to see -- New York City streets and roads almost totally empty. Check out the pictures below to see the quiet stillness Juno brought to the city that never sleeps until it snows:

10th Avenue

Grand Central

Times Square

Williamsburg Bridge

Penn Station

22nd & Broadway

Financial District

Central West Park

3rd Avenue

5th Avenue

Upper West Side



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