01/30/2015 04:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Putting Together Ikea Furniture Sucks So Much, These Guys Made A Video Game About It

Another day, another round of complaints about the FML experience that is assembling IKEA furniture.

Luckily, our frustration is understood far and wide, including Atlanta where four developers recently made a video game called Höme Improvisåtion that recreates just how difficult it is to assemble furniture, even in a virtual reality.

Spoiler alert: everything ends in a heap of random looking objects surrounded by neon "instructional" arrows.

And yet, despite the headache, we can't tear ourselves away from the Swedish superstore (damn you, meatballs!). Thankfully, IKEA's furniture assembly service is there to help. Or, you can always put in an order for this furniture that will assemble itself.

(H/T Curbed)

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