02/02/2015 02:55 pm ET

Midwest Smacked By Historic Snowfall, Basically Shrugs It Off

Now this is what a blizzard really looks like.

Less than a week after meteorologists botched their forecast of a blizzard that was anticipated to hit New York City with “historic” snowfall, causing the city to preemptively shut down, another winter storm slammed into the Midwest on Sunday. It brought actual historic amounts of snowfall with considerably less hype.

In Detroit, 16.7 inches of snow were recorded at Metro Airport, making for the city’s third biggest snowstorm on record. In Plymouth, Indiana, in the far northern part of the state, 19.6 inches of snowfall was reported during the storm.

And in Chicago, 19.3 inches of snow fell Sunday into Monday morning, making for the city’s fifth largest blizzard in its recorded history.

Unlike what happened in New York, Chicago's public transit system remained operational (though with some delays), no travel bans were put into effect and, as far as we know, no kale shortages were reported.

The storm has since headed to the Northeast. Here's what the historic snowfall looked like in Chicago and elsewhere:

Midwest Blizzard 2015