02/05/2015 09:52 am ET

Fox News Hosts Disagree Over Network's Decision To Post ISIS Video On Website

Fox News hosts addressed the networks controversial decision to post the video showing the burning alive of a Jordanian fighter pilot by the Islamic State military group on its website.

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz told Megyn Kelly Thursday night that he does not stand with the network in their choice. Just the day before, "Special Report" host Bret Baier chose to air still images from the video during his program. Kurtz said that posting the video in full only helps to "spread the fear" of ISIS.

"I disagree with the Fox decision," Kurtz said. "Here's why: I fear that many of us in the media are helping ISIS spread its propaganda using its fear tactics."

Kelly, however, remained split over the best way to report on a terrorist group like ISIS. Her program, "The Kelly File," chose to show one image from the video on Wednesday night.

"The reason we as a show decided to do that was, it's as if we're in World War II and there was a chance to see inside the concentration camp and inside the gas chamber as the horror was happening," she said. "Don't we need to be reminded of what it is we face?"

Kurtz said he would prefer a method like that used by Fox News' Shep Smith, who decided to verbally describe the video rather than show it.

Meanwhile, Greta Van Susteren said in a blog post Thursday that Fox News "did the right thing" in posting the video.

"Watching this video was 100 percent choice," she wrote. "Frankly, I think our leaders should watch it start to finish. I don’t think world events should be sugar coated so that our leaders don’t face them."

H/T Mediaite