02/05/2015 08:16 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Stress Tip: Replace One Bad Habit With One Good One

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We're all drawn to the "10 Things Successful People Do" lists. But the secret to a less stressful, more fulfilling life isn't just about replicating someone else's habits -- it's about creating ones that help rather than hurt you. While dropping bad habits is a great idea, there is a better way: Replace an old habit with a more rewarding ritual.

For example, say you regularly eat a package of cookies while watching television after dinner. Instead of habitual gorging, put a practice in place that helps you savor the sweetest moment of your day. Set aside 15 minutes after dinner to enjoy one or two cookies from a special plate. Add your favorite cup of tea, a television show you've been wanting to watch for week or a phone call to a friend. This ritual shifts a mindless habit into a dessert that you get to enjoy fully every day.

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--Posted by Lindsay Holmes

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