02/05/2015 01:59 pm ET

'Flushdown!' Ad About Pooping Named Best Super Bowl Radio Spot

You couldn't see this Super Bowl commercial, but it's a winner.

A spot for Poo-Pourri toilet deodorizer, below, was named the best of the big game radio ads, AdWeek reported.

Poo-Pourri is no stranger to those who have seen the elegantly dressed but potty-mouthed woman extolling its virtues in a 2013 viral YouTube video (of course, she was at the Super Bowl festivities). Or perhaps you've viewed Santa Claus dealing with the aftermath of his "yule log" this past Christmas.

Now the before-you-go bowl freshener has a Westwood One Super Bowl Sound Award, selected by listeners.

According to Westwood One, which broadcast the game on more than 700 of its stations, fans could vote at the company's website until a day after the Super Bowl.

The spot is certainly topical, pointing out the consequences of Super Bowl snacking by deftly mixing sports metaphors with a middle school mentality. Who could forget such nuggets as "Don't let your tight end drop the ball with an offensive foul smell" and "Show No. 2 who's No. 1"? You might try, that's for certain.

Take a listen here:

And here's the original ad. Still a classic.



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