02/05/2015 07:00 am ET Updated Feb 05, 2015

Small Bedroom Tricks From A Real-Life Tiny Home

What makes a master bedroom masterful? After a peek inside the tiny apartment of Dustin O'Neal, we know that it isn't the square footage.

In a feature in New York magazine's fall 2014 issue of Design Hunting, O'Neal, a New York-based creative director for the arts and design industry, revealed how he called on a few design-industry contacts and transformed furniture pieces he and his roommate already owned (yes, he shares the 300-square-foot apartment) to transform the all-white space into his first real grown-up home.

But O'Neal tells HuffPost Home that his tiny space has gotten even cozier since then, evolving to accommodate his storage needs, his "manic creative output" and his love for throwing parties with friends. In short, O'Neal has mastered the art of making a tiny space feel grand, and he's taking HuffPost Home on a tour of his bedroom-cum-living room to prove it.

A Tiny Bedroom Tour with Dustin O'Neal

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