02/06/2015 05:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Target Employees Help Teen Dress For Job Interview, Give Him Timeless Advice

Two Target employees gave this teen much more than just customer service with a smile.

A 15-year-old boy went into a Target store in North Carolina on Wednesday in search of a clip-on bow-tie he could use for a job interview that afternoon, according to a post on Target's Facebook page. Though the store didn't carry that type of tie, employee Dennis Roberts went the extra mile and showed the teen, whose name has not been released, how to put on a regular one, WTVD reported. What's more, Roberts and his co-worker, Cathy Scott, offered the job-seeker some advice to prepare him for his interview.

"We said, 'Make sure you look him in the eye.' I'm saying, 'Make sure you give him a firm handshake,' and [Cathy] showed him," Roberts told WTVD.

The employees' effort to help their customer was caught on camera by a nearby customer, Audrey Mark, who later uploaded a picture of the interaction to Facebook.

"THIS is true customer service -- Right on the mark, Target!" Marks wrote in her Facebook post.

The photo has since gone viral with more than 50,000 likes.

Though the moment has moved many people on the Internet, Roberts says the act was a simple way to lend a hand.

"We were just here to help a young man get a job and forward his future," he told WTVD.

The workers cheered and wished the teen luck as he exited the store, according to Marks. The next day, some Target workers even visited the Chick-fil-A restaurant where the teen interviewed to tell the manager about their positive experience, according to CNN.

So far, it seems as though the employees' advice may have helped.

"He's a really nice kid," David Langston, a Chick-fil-A operator, told CNN early Friday. "We hope to talk to him today, but we have to wait until he gets out of school and check his availability to set up the second interview."

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