02/07/2015 07:30 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Saturday's Morning Email: Funnies Edition

morning email

Saturday Edition: The Funnies

Jimmy Fallon Staged A Glorious 'Saved By The Bell' Reunion
Slater! Zack Morris!! Kelly Kapowski!!! Jessie Spano!!!! Mr. Belding!!!!!

'90s nostalgia has never been so fun.

Hi, This Is A Unicorn Dog
Really! He's a pit bull-dachshund mix! That's super rare.
unicorn dog
Lucky for you, Rami is up for adoption.

This Guy Was So Sure The Seahawks Would Win The Super Bowl, He Got A Tattoo
So, that's unfortunate.
Now what?

Lonely Guy Documents His Breakup On Snapchat ...
To surprisingly hilarious results.
Way to make lemonade, pal.

Who Needs A Bae When You Have A BFF?
These Valentine's Day cards are so. on. point.
Sisters before misters!

Here's a mashup of a few Grammys Best Album of the Year nominees. It's the best.

And one more thing...

Six More Weeks Of Winter? Not For Punxsutawney Phil

eva cartoon
Illustration by Eva Hill