02/09/2015 08:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why Grown Women Attack Each Other Online (VIDEO)

Two young women embroiled in an ongoing battle of online insults and put-downs try to explain the origins and rationale behind their feud.

"To get back at Taylor," Shayna says, "I've made it my personal mission to give Taylor a dose of her own medicine."

In the video above, Shayna, 21, runs through a list of things she says she has written online about Taylor, 20, including building an entire Facebook page (quickly shut down by Facebook) aimed at insulting her. All of it she says was done in response to things she claims Taylor has said or done online.

"I want to victimize her the way she's victimized other people," Shayna says. "She needs to understand that what she does is wrong."

Dr. Phil asks, "You think that's a good strategy?"

Watch Tuesday to see if Dr. Phil can help the women put an end to their keyboard battle. Check local listings here.

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