02/10/2015 10:29 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

KFC's Fire Double Down Maxx Looks Like It Might Burn A Hole Through Your Esophagus

What's fried and chickeny and red all over? That'd be KFC Korea's Fire Double Down Maxx, the newest member of the Colonel's ever-growing Double Down menu series.

fire double down

The fast food chain's dewy darling features two spicy fried chicken filets, which sandwich a spicy chili sauce, a slice of tomato (health!) and a slice of cheese. The smokin' hot double down is part of KFC's Korea's Fire menu, which includes a Fire Burger and Fire Chicken. The breading of these fiery items are tinted with a reddish hue, to really drive the message home. The sandwich is currently available only in Korea and costs about $4.37.

If you didn't know, the infamous Double Down -- a carnivore's dream, a vegetarian's nightmare -- forgoes the classic fast food bun for two pieces of fried chicken. Since its inception, the Double Down has been rendered in many thoughtful forms across the world, including "zinger" and hot dog iterations. Only a higher power (The Colonel) could possibly know what's next for Double Down.

H/t: Grub Street

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