02/19/2015 04:29 pm ET Updated Feb 20, 2015

This Cold Weather Pretty Much Freezes Everything

Not even the power of Niagara Falls can stand up to the epic cold snap that's settled in over parts of New England, the Midwest and the South this week.

More than 115 million people have been layering up as temperatures have plunged 25 to 45 degrees below normal, from Canada all the way down to Florida. It may be one of the warmest winters on record nationally, but this week it's hard to imagine a spring just a few weeks around the corner.

HuffPost's photo editors compiled this stunning list of things you probably didn't know could freeze over, including Niagara Falls -- which can pour more than 150,000 gallons a second -- and a frozen spring that looks like it belongs in Elsa's castle. Take a look below.

Deep Freeze Freezes Everything