02/23/2015 02:52 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why A 20-Year-Old Is 'Terrified' For Her Dad To Go To Prison

Sarah, 20, the eldest of four siblings, emailed the Dr. Phil show six times asking for help.

"My dad is going to prison and I'm terrified," says Sarah, whose father, Pete, will soon serve a prison term of two years and nine months after being convicted of mail fraud. "I'm scared about what we're going to do without him. My mother is a drunk. She drinks every day ... My biggest fear when my dad goes to prison is that me and my younger siblings are going to have to fend for ourselves."

But her mom, Kim, denies abusing alcohol and points the finger elsewhere. "It started with my marriage ending, and my family falling apart," she says about the upheaval in her life. "Then I wrecked two trucks, then Pete got caught with the embezzlement. Pete has contributed to our kids treating me like an outcast and lying about me to them. Pete has told my kids I drink too much."

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Watch more in the video above, and see what happens when Dr. Phil steps in on Wednesday's show to help this family while the clock is ticking before Pete's prison sentence. Click here for local listings.

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