02/23/2015 12:27 pm ET Updated Feb 23, 2015

Nebraska Coach Tim Miles Bans Players From Lavish Locker Room After Blowout Loss At Home


Nebraska basketball coach Tim Miles might as well have steam coming out of his ears.

Following a 74-46 blowout loss at home to Iowa on Sunday -- the team's fifth in a row, and its seventh loss in eight games -- Miles decided to put the "lock" in locker room, banning players from the lavish $18.7 million facility.

That facility, by the way, includes walls of massive televisions, wooden lockers with built-in iPads, a pool table, and plenty of other luxury appointments:

"There will be chains on the doors locking it from the outside,” Miles said at a post-game press conference, “until further notice."

Miles said he didn't know where players would dress, but he showed little sympathy for the problem. "They're creative young people," he said.

The coach told the Omaha World-Herald he wished he could send players to work side jobs until they could "pay back the fans the cost of their ticket."

Assistant coach Chris Harriman wasn't happy either. He took to Twitter to apologize to fans and made a pledge: "It will never happen again."



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