02/25/2015 03:28 pm ET Updated Mar 04, 2015

Christie Brinkley Talks New Skincare Line, Cindy Crawford & Coconut Oil

Sonia Moskowitz via Getty Images

At 61, Christie Brinkley is still confident enough to swim in a bikini and pose in sexy lingerie. And why shouldn't she?

Brinkley credits her ageless beauty to leading a lifestyle focused on eating healthy, exercising regularly, exuding positive energy and, of course, the right beauty products. Now she's making it easy for us all to get that supermodel glow with a skincare line.

Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare combines the finest anti-aging ingredients (copper, amino acids) into a seven-piece collection that repairs skin damage brought on by the sun, stress and pollutants to rejuvenate your appearance.

Spending her childhood on the beaches in Malibu, California, Brinkley told HuffPost Style that "the worst damage" she's done to herself was in the sun. "I can't stress enough for anybody still lying out that that's just not good," she said.

In order to minimize the effects, she wakes up in the morning and exfoliates first thing. "When I use my exfoliator, I go from the tip of my forehead, down my neck, décolleté and now I do the top of my hands. I get out of the shower, moisturize right away and use my day cream and a little of the eye serum," she explained.

Before heading to bed, Brinkley uses a bit of coconut oil to dislodge any remnants of makeup before cleansing and then slathering on night cream.

Even with such an on-point regimen, the blonde beauty told us, "I have crow's feet as good as my cream is. That's natural and it's not something to be ashamed of. And I don't want people to feel like they have to be ashamed. I want people to know that they can minimize that or whatever is bothering them and put their best face forward. But the best face forward includes crow's feet. It shows a life well lived."

That's why it was imperative to Brinkley that her very own images for her signature skincare line look as natural as possible. She added, "I know that there is retouching. I've had a million of my photos retouched. We don't want the end result of a woman to be she feels bad about herself because she's comparing herself to some unattainable perfection. I always want women to feel better about themselves."

Having lots of experience with unretouched photos, Brinkley observed that leaked magazine picture of Cindy Crawford with a sharp eye. "I have to say that I think the photo that was retouched was that photo because I just shared a dressing room with Cindy Crawford less than a year ago. I happen to turn and get something and she was naked as a jaybird. She was bending over to pick something up and I was looking and thought, 'Oh my God, she's perfect.'"

On whether seeing unretouched photos are necessary, Brinkley said, "I think that a lot of people want to see bad pictures because it somehow makes us unite like that. I think that people should be inspired by Cindy's body and say, 'That's someone who has taken good care of herself, exercised well and I'm not going to feel bad about myself for that. I'm going to feel motivated.'"

Amen, Christie!



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