02/25/2015 07:15 am ET Updated Mar 16, 2015

How To Make Foamed Milk In A French Press, Because You Can

Throw out your pour overs, get rid of the Chemex, and pledge allegiance to the French press because this simple brewer can make you great coffee AND foamed milk to boot.

There are many different ways to brew a cup of coffee, but not all of them can double as a tool for making fancy foamed latte milk like the French press can. We've long debated about which coffee brewing method makes the best cup -- the French press was always up there at the top, yet never number one. But this new piece of information has given the French press mega bonus points.

We recently came across a smart tip that showed us how to make fancy latte milk in the microwave, and that's when we learned about the French press foamed milk hack. Of all the different ways you can foam milk without a proper steamer, the French press offers the fluffiest, foamiest results. Watch the video above to see how it's done.

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