02/27/2015 11:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

George Hamilton Shares The Story Behind Elizabeth Taylor's Topless Tanning Photos (VIDEO)

Over the course of his decades-long career in Hollywood, perpetually tan leading man George Hamilton has been linked to a number of glamorous women. Of all his former flames, however, only one could achieve a bronze tone that could rival his own: Elizabeth Taylor.

"Elizabeth Taylor and I were a stand-off when it came to suntan," Hamilton says. "She could actually out-suntan me."

It's been years since Hamilton and Taylor dated back in the '80s, but the actor still remembers how one particular suntan incident -- involving a topless Taylor -- led to a rather unusual confrontation.

"Elizabeth decided to take her bra off, and she was going to be on the balcony tanning," Hamilton says. "We were up three floors, and there were no paparazzi."

Later, Hamilton and Taylor attended a party hosted by Sean Connery. As they mingled, other guests complimented Taylor on looking so "wonderful" in her photos -- yet, she had no idea what photos they were talking about. That's when the truth became clear: A paparazzi photographer had indeed managed to snap photos of Taylor tanning topless, and he intended to publish them.

"Paparazzi had been taking pictures all day," Hamilton says.

In that small circle, it wasn't too difficult to identify the particular paparazzo in question by making some phone calls. He was located, and Taylor wanted to confront him in her hotel room.

"They brought this guy in and he was trembling," Hamilton recalls. "Elizabeth, I thought, was going to have his head taken off."

Taylor took the topless photos and began flipping through.

"She looked at the pictures, and she said, 'I'm not too bad! My breasts look pretty good!'... She said, 'I've never made a deal with the press; I don't intend to now,'" Hamilton says. "She just let him go."

Also in the interview: Hamilton opens up more about what it was really like being in a relationship with Taylor.

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