02/27/2015 10:38 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kevin Durant Somewhat Recovers After Russell Westbrook Leaves Him Hanging

We all face adversity in life.

The question is, how do you deal with it when it comes your way? And when it comes to Kevin Durant getting left hanging, we now know the answer is: pretty well!

The Oklahoma City Thunder star just wanted to give his partner in crime, Russell Westbrook, a fun little high-five during their Thursday game against the Phoenix Suns. But Westbrook was like, “NO TIME FOR THAT," only to then high-five all the other members of the team!

This put Durant in an undoubtedly uncomfortable situation, but one we all know so well: Left hanging, your hand in the air with no one to claim it, what do you do?

After looking at the above Vine approximately 47 times, we have decided to award Durant an “A-” for how he handles the situation, which is pretty good because we are very strict with these rankings. At first, he tries to pull up his other hand to pretend he just wanted to clap at the world’s slowest pace.

But then his teammate, Andre Roberson, sees he alone has been left hanging and bring hand over to the lonely Durant’s, and Durant -- without missing a beat -- turns his high-five-turned-clap back into a high-five again. It was all rather dexterous and proof he deserved his MVP last year.

To truly appreciate just how well Durant handled this situation, you have to remember how badly other people deal with similar scenarios. Case in point: Do you remember when Phil Jackson tried to give Kobe some daps, otherwise known as "the worst recovery in professional sports history"?

H/T SB Nation