02/27/2015 07:19 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Slow Cooker Liner Bags Will Save You From Ever Having To Scrub It Clean Again

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Slow cookers are known for making dinners easy to put together -- not to mention desserts, hot chocolate AND nachos. Throw a couple ingredients into the pot in the morning and forget about it until you walk through the door at night. Easy peasy. That is, until you have to clean the dang thing.

Up until now, we've all been happy to ignore the dirty truth about slow cookers: they might make cooking easier, but the clean up sure isn't. Turns out, it doesn't have to be that way. Slow cooker liners -- which some fans have renamed Crock-Pot Condoms -- are the fastest way to clean up your cooking mess. No scrubbing necessary.

Slow cooker liners, which look a lot like oven bags, are specifically designed to withstand long periods of heat that come with cooking slowly. To use them, just put one in the crock of the slow cooker before starting a meal; when it's done and the contents have been emptied, simply throw the liner away. Seriously easy.

There is a catch: These things cost about a dollar a bag. And there is also the issue of cooking in plastic. These have been labeled as FDA safe and BPA free, but as we learned earlier this week there are other chemicals that can leach out of plastics which have yet to be studied -- just something to keep in mind. Whether your time (and the extra waste) is worth the price tag and possible chemicals, that is up to you.

HOWEVER, they do make cooking up overnight oatmeal a no brainer.
Photo credit: The Healthy Maven

And, pulled pork will actually require zero effort.
Photo credit: Bev Cooks

They even make s'more brownies super simple.
Photo credit: Something Swanky

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