Three Common Household Items That Are Surprisingly Harmful, From Alexandra Zissu (VIDEO)

When it comes to the safety our homes, green living expert and author Alexandra Zissu says there are three things that are very harmful to our households that many consumers don't realize. If you have a basement in your home, get it tested for radon, which is a common harmful chemical found in basements that don't have proper airflow. Pay attention to what paint is being used in your home, and never use a lead-based paint on your walls or DIY project. Finally, make sure you're not bringing any household cleaners into your home that have a skull and crossbones warning on the label. This indicates that the formula is poisonous, and therefore shouldn't be used in your home, or even poured down your drain into our water!

For more of Alexandra's green living tips, view the slideshow below:

Alexandra Zissu

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