03/05/2015 10:53 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Teen Turned His Love For Vinyl Records Into A Rockin' Business

Vinyl records aren't just for older generations. For 16-year-old Jarrett Koral, vinyl is his passion -- and he turned it into a business.

WDIV Local 4 reports that Jarrett runs Jett Plastic Recordings, an independent record label based in Detroit. The project isn't the most profitable business, but that doesn't matter to the high school junior.

“I’m not really making a ton of money with it, but it’s cool," he said. "And I have something to show for it.”

Jarrett's mother legally owns the business since he's only 16, but he raised the money for it. According to the teen, record pressings are approximately $2,000. To cover this, he started selling records from his collection.

So far, Jarrett has pressed records for 12 different artists. His designs go beyond the classic black record and include colors and patterns. The label also recently worked with actor Macaulay Culkin's band, The Pizza Underground.

Running a record label isn't the only thing Jarrett can put on his resume. He's also a straight-A student.

Rock on, Jarrett.


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