03/07/2015 01:38 pm ET Updated Mar 07, 2015

Thousands Flood The Streets Of Selma To Honor Landmark Anniversary Of March

The streets of Selma, Alabama, were packed on Saturday with thousands of people who traveled to the small town to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the historic march for voting rights.

Large crowds gathered around the Edmund Pettus Bridge, which marks the location where local activists, led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., were attacked by police on March 7, 1965. Officers used tear gas and billy cubs to subdue the marchers, and the day later came to be known as "Bloody Sunday."

President Barack Obama is expected to deliver remarks on Saturday, reflecting on the landmark civil rights march and its significance today.

The town will also host a series of events honoring the anniversary. Meanwhile, thousands of citizens, civil rights activists and politicians -- from as far as California -- have poured into the city to commemorate the anniversary.

Check out the massive crowds gathered in Selma this weekend in the photos below:

Selma Anniversary