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Julia Child's Poached Egg Trick Is The One You've Been Waiting For

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Poached eggs are like the holy grail of breakfast. They're delicious, healthy and totally luxurious. They're light but filling, and breaking into a perfect poached egg to reveal a runny yolk is one of life's greatest joys. Poached eggs are pretty much everything you could want in a breakfast food, and they're also lovely for lunch or dinner, we might add.

The issue, of course, is that poached eggs are a little tricky to make. They don't have to be if you follow a few handy tricks. Despite their notorious reputation, poached eggs are easier to make than you might think.

We're all familiar with the classic tip of pouring a few drops of vinegar into the water before adding your eggs, or the clever muffin tin trick. But here's a poached egg trick you may not know:

Boil an egg for 10 seconds before cracking it into the water.

This trick comes from none other than Julia Child. First, Child pokes the large end of an egg with a pin to release any air that might cause the egg to crack, and then she boils the egg for exactly 10 seconds. The quick boil helps the egg retain its shape. You can totally handle this.

After the egg cools enough to handle, you can poach the egg however you like -- with the aid of a poaching device or by creating a funnel in the simmering water and gently pouring the egg into the middle of it. Whichever route you take, the ever-so-slightly boiled egg should have a better chance of sticking together after the 10-second boil.

See below for an instructional video from The New York Times, and enjoy your perfectly poached eggs.

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