03/10/2015 07:56 am ET

Penne Recipes That Make Weeknight Meals Awesome Again

Oven-baked, skillet-fried or smothered with sauce, penne is where its at.

When it comes to pasta, we don't discriminate. We will always give in to another slice of lasagna. We could live off fettuccine and be more than happy about it. We will never get bored with spaghetti, no matter how many times we've eaten it. And when faced with a plate of penne, we count our lucky stars and dig in.

Pasta will never cease to make us feel loved. Each shape and presentation offers its own unique strengths, but we particularly love how well penne does in the oven -- baked under a layer of cheese. Or cooked up snug in a skillet, soaking up the flavors of the dish. Or even paired with spicy sausage for a hearty, food-comma inducing dish. It's glorious each and every way.

Here are 17 of our favorites:

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