03/11/2015 04:51 pm ET

Here Are The Best 10 Cities To Live In If You Love Wildlife

Do you live in one of the most wildlife-friendly cities in the country?

A new list from the National Wildlife Federation ranks U.S. cities with the most park area and citizen engagement for protecting wildlife.

"The common thread between these cities is that citizens are coming together for a common purpose -- to create a community where people and wildlife can thrive," NWF president and CEO Collin O’Mara said in a news release.

The rankings were determined by comparing the percentage of parkland in each city, each city's number of NWF Certified Wildlife Habitats per capita, and the number of schools per capita participating in two NWF outdoor learning programs.

NWF's Certified Wildlife Habitat program allows people to register their gardens or areas of their property as suitable places for animals. Along with proper food and water sources, the habitats must provide cover and places for wildlife to raise their young. Owners must also make use of sustainable gardening practices.

Top 10 U.S. Cities for Wildlife

Honorable Mention: Broward County, Florida and Los Angeles, California



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