03/13/2015 08:57 am ET

NJ: Meet Hugh Hewitt, The GOP's New Go-To Pundit

NBC NewsWire via Getty Images

Before Hugh Hewitt would answer my questions, he had a condition: Through the producer of The Hugh Hewitt Show—his 15-year-old radio program that touts 2 million weekly listeners—he informed me that I would need to first answer his questions, on air.

Hours later, I was live on his show. "I got a note from my producer today, associate producer Marlon, saying you want to meet up with me and do a profile on me, which I think is about as dull as possible," Hewitt said, "but is that true?"

"That's true," I replied, "and he told me you only would chat with me if I chatted with you first."

"That's it," Hewitt said. "That's my rule on profiles, because I always want to get the reciprocity going, because we can now find you and play this tape endlessly, and you answered two questions straight that should ruin your reputation in journalism."

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