03/16/2015 12:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dog Chases Leash Around Table, Gets Stuck In Infinite Loop

Ever feel like life is just one big, endlessly repetitive cycle?

You have nothing on this dog, which -- despite the obvious monotony -- seems to quite enjoy the process.

Around and around and around...

The dog's owner, Michelle Harrington, told The Huffington Post she'd bought an extra-long leash to help train Bruzer, an Australian shepherd mix. Turns out the leash was also the perfect length for a never-ending game of chase.
Harrington said they haven't tried to repeat the incident, but she has no doubts the 3-year-old pup would still go after the leash.

"He's still crazy like that," she said. "He's just a lovable dog, you pet him and he melts."

Maybe Bruzer and this puppy share a common ancestor:

Keep chasing that leash, Bruzer. You'll get there one day!

This story has been updated with comments from Michelle Harrington.



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