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The Latest Episode Of 'Walking Dead' Was One Of Season 5's Most Brutal

The last handful of "Walking Dead" episodes this season have been rather slow and uneventful. Yet Sunday's episode "Spend" was packed with blood, guts and some of the most violent deaths ever. Here's what went down when a supply run ended gruesomely and dark secrets were uncovered.

Warning: Spoilers for "The Walking Dead" Season 5, Episode 14 "Spend" and graphic images follow. They will likely leave you feeling like Glenn:

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Aiden died
When approaching a walker with a vest full of grenades, the smartest decision would be to not shoot said walker. Yet Aiden made that dumb decision, unloading on the zombie, causing a giant explosion and impaling himself. Glenn, Nicholas and Noah tried to save him, but he got eaten alive in good ol' "Walking Dead" fashion.

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Tara gets wounded
Aiden's stupid move may have killed him, but even worse, it left Tara with a serious and possibly fatal injury. Will she survive?

Eugene becomes a hero
All Eugene does is express how much of a coward he is, but he finally proved himself this week. He picked up a bleeding Tara, shot his way through the walkers and rescued the two of them. Hell yeah, Eugene!

Noah dies
Now getting to the real shocking heartbreak of the episode. Noah got trapped in a revolving door with Glenn and Nicholas as a hoard of walkers clawed at them from the open sides. Everything probably would've worked out fine, but Nicholas decided to flee, leaving a space for the walkers to get in. Thus they grabbed Noah, dragged him to the other side and ripped him apart in an even more gruesome death.

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Father Gabriel betrays Rick and the group
We know the priest isn't to be trusted, but in Sunday night's episode Father Gabriel turned his back on Rick and the gang who had just saved his life a few episodes ago. He told Deanna, “They can’t be trusted. They’re dangerous."

Pete may be abusing Sam
After last week's cookies-or-death ultimatum between Carol and Sam, Carol found out that the boy may be getting abused by his father Pete. Carol told Rick he's going to have to kill Pete.

Here's a look at next week's "Walking Dead" episode:

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