03/20/2015 02:02 pm ET Updated Mar 20, 2015

Laura Ingraham Equates Arabic Speakers To Skinheads In Pledge Of Allegiance Rant

Scott A. Schneider via Getty Images

America may be a melting pot, a cultural mosaic full of different languages, religions and ethnicities, but God forbid if the Pledge of Allegiance is recited in Arabic.

Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham was up in arms Friday about a high school in upstate New York reading the pledge in Arabic in an effort to promote multiculturalism during national Foreign Language Week.

Ingraham, who serves as a contributor at Fox News and hosts "The Laura Ingraham Show," wasn't having any of it.

"What if the skinheads want to do the Pledge of Allegiance, we're gonna do that too?" she said on her radio show, using a term often synonymous with neo-Nazism. "To some people that would be offensive. We're gonna let them do that?"

The exercise in tolerance clearly had the opposite effect, inciting outrage from Jewish parents, veterans and some students. Though school superintendent Joan Carbone ultimately admitted that the Arabic pledge had “divided the school in half” and was “something that was supposed to be good but turned out not to be,” she maintained that it had been an attempt to "celebrate the many races, cultures and religions that make up this great country and our school district.”

"How about just celebrate the country? How about just celebrate America?" Ingraham said, adding that anyone who loves America would learn to speak English. "Here's America, here's our pledge, say it in English. Why is that not enough to celebrate? We have to celebrate all the races, all the cultures. Do that in social studies. I don't understand why you have to do it when you recite the pledge."

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