03/24/2015 07:46 am ET Updated Mar 25, 2015

Matcha Dessert Recipes That Are As Beautiful As They Are Delicious

Go green.

Impressively beautiful desserts often sacrifice flavor for aesthetics. Take wedding cakes for example: The mere height and structure of them makes it so that wedding cakes can't afford to be soft and moist, as any cake worth eating should be. It makes you think that you really can't have it all. Until matcha.

In the case of matcha desserts, beauty and flavor go hand in hand. Matcha -- powdered green tea -- is a lovely luminescent emerald color. It lends its glorious hue to any dessert it has the pleasure of mixing with. The result is absolutely gorgeous. And also completely delicious, particularly for green tea fans.

We've previously discussed matcha's health benefits and shared recipes with you, but this time we're just talking about the good it does for desserts. Take a look at the recipes we've found and tell us you don't agree. We dare you.

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