03/26/2015 02:55 pm ET Updated Mar 30, 2015

Here Are The Few Male-Dominated Jobs Where Women (Barely) Make More Than Men

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While nursing is overwhelmingly female, men in the profession still earn higher salaries than women, a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed this week. Unfortunately, this wasn't surprising -- women typically make less than men in many female-dominated professions in the U.S.

But it begged the question: Are there any professions where the opposite is true -- are there male-dominated fields where women actually make more than men? The Huffington Post analyzed newly released Census Bureau data to see where women pulled ahead. The results were bleak.

Of the 342 professions surveyed, there are only six where men are in the majority but women are paid more. These are among just nine professions in total where women make more than men. And in these rare cases, the pay gap is pretty marginal when compared to the male pay advantage in other fields.

Here are the six professions:

Producers and directors (in film, TV, and other media): Of the six professions, female producers and directors earn the most relative to men, even though they make up just over a third of the occupational group. They earn $1.062 for every dollar a man makes and represent 37.3 percent of all producers and directors.

Vehicle and equipment cleaners: Women earn $1.05 for every dollar a man makes, in a field that is 13.5 percent female

Wholesale and retail buyers: Women earn $1.033 for every dollar a man makes and represent 49.2 percent of the profession.

Transportation security screeners: Women earn $1.025 for every dollar a man makes and represent 35.9 percent of the group.

Transportation, storage, and distribution managers: Women earn $1.005 for every dollar a man makes in a field that is 18.2 percent female.

Dishwashers: Women earn $1.002 for every dollar a man makes and represent 15.5 percent of the profession

As you can see, these women are earning just a hair more than their male colleagues. In contrast, in many fields that are split more or less evenly between men and women -- like financial managers, tax preparers, medical scientists, food-service workers, and laundry workers -- women earn between 60 and 80 cents for every dollar a man makes. And professions that are overwhelmingly male, like the tech industry, certainly aren't much better: Women make up 19.8 percent of software engineers, for example, and earn 86.5 cents to a man's dollar.

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