04/10/2015 10:34 am ET Updated Apr 10, 2015

Finally, A Summer Movie Season For Women


Glance at this summer’s movie lineup, and you’ll notice something strange. Women are getting guns. And guitars. And emotional inner lives. And the ability to have sex, no strings attached. During the all-important, typically testosterone-soaked summer movie season, women are represented onscreen in roles besides Unidentified Love Interest No. 2. Let’s rattle off the movies: Hot Pursuit, Pitch Perfect 2, Tomorrowland, Aloha, Spy, Inside Out, The Bronze, Trainwreck, Paper Towns, Ricki and the Flash. Comedies, dramas, action movies, all of them led by women. Some were even written by them. Compared to last summer, this is a nice spread; compared to 2013, it’s a feast. The best part is that many actually look intriguing, a statement exactly zero people said about last year’s Sex Tape. Between them, they illustrate more than one facet of the female experience, from a middle-school girl’s insecurity (Pixar’s Inside Out) to a faded rock star’s redemption (Meryl Streep in Ricki and the Flash), and appear, from this hopeful, probably naïve, month-away vantage point, as refreshing counterpoints to all the men running around in spandex and masks. (June 19's Inside Out is calling itself “a major emotion picture.”)

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