04/20/2015 03:41 pm ET Updated Apr 20, 2015

What It's Like Inside A Legal Marijuana Shop (PHOTOS)

Andy Campbell / Huffington Post

OLYMPIA, Washington -- Many, many people have smoked marijuana.

Whether you've inhaled or not, come on, we know you tried it back in the day. But many, many more of you haven't ever procured the sticky icky legally. Here in Olympia, Washington -- one of few states where pot is legal AND sold in stores -- you can drive down the road, waltz into a cafe and pick up a joint, an ounce, or even a chronic soda.

Olympia city council has allowed for two recreational weed shops so far (stores are opening up in surrounding towns, too) and we got a look inside one of them.

Green Lady Marijuana opened late last year after a slew of public meetings and a long permitting process. It isn't quite as sleek as, say, an Apple store, but where it lacks in IKEA furniture, it makes up for in product.

Below is a tour of one of the city's first legal pot dealers. But first, get your Marijuana Fun Facts straight by listening to our interview with employee Jasmine Hargrove (interview starts at the 26:44 mark):

What It's Like Inside A Legal Weed Shop