04/21/2015 06:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Obama's Job Approval Rating Is Climbing Again

NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

President Barack Obama had his best quarterly job approval rating since mid-2013, according to a Gallup report released Tuesday.

Obama's job approval averaged 46.4 percent in the 25th quarter of his presidency (January to April), an increase of 3 percentage points from the previous quarter, according to Gallup. That was the second-highest quarterly rise of Obama's presidency, after the 4-point jump that coincided with the president's 2012 re-election.

The increase in approval represents a recovery from 2014, which saw some of Obama's lowest approval ratings of his presidency. Still, the president's approval remains far below his high of 63 percent when he assumed the presidency in 2009. Gallup said it finds Obama's current approval in the middle range for a president in the 25th quarter.

Obama's approval rating rise is likely attributable to a drop in gasoline prices in late 2014, an improving job market, and diplomatic efforts in Ukraine, Iran and Cuba, according to Gallup.

The results are consistent with a CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday, which finds Obama at his highest approval in two years. HuffPost Pollster, which aggregates data from publicly released polls, finds Obama's current approval rating to be 46 percent and shows that it has stabilized since January.

The Gallup Poll results are based on the Gallup U.S. daily survey conducted Jan. 20 to April 19. Gallup surveyed 44,083 U.S. adults via landline and cell phone using live interviews.