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Birth Photographer Gives Real-Time Instagram Updates With #InstaBirthStory

Photographer Cate DePrisco's new Instagram movement might just revolutionize the world of birth photography.

Earlier this year, the Kansas-based artist launched a photography business, Instagram account and dedicated hashtag called #InstaBirthStory. Through these initiatives, DePrisco works to document "the whole birth story," beyond actual birth and the baby's first breath. "There's SO much more to that and it's NOT a quick process," the photographer told The Huffington Post.

DePrisco offers to post photos on her #InstaBirthStory Instagram account as the birth story unfolds, and if the parents agree, she shares real-time photo updates of the delivery day's events -- from the often long periods of anxious waiting to the tender moments between the parents to be to the first latch.

So far DePrisco has photographed five births and had permission to post live updates for four of them on Instagram. The photographer prides herself on the variety of birth experiences she's captured, including C-sections, hospital births with and without epidurals, a home-turned-hospital birth and a hospital birth for a friend who was giving her baby to another family for adoption.

The photographer said her mission with #InstaBirthStory is to show the more positive, moving moments in welcoming a new baby into the world. "I believe there is a lot of fear surrounding birth because people hear stories of pain and exhaustion, and of course, emergencies and loss," she said, adding, "It's true (from what I hear) -- it's painful, it's exhausting, and emergencies and loss are scary. But from my perspective, it's also a beautiful process watching the parents and a medical team work together and supporting each other to bring a new human to his/her first breath."

Keep scrolling and visit the #InstaBirthStory website and Instagram for more of DePrisco's birth photography.

"We did it" she said. #instabirthstory #birthstory

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"Honey, we're about to have a baby!" #instabirthstory #birthstory

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It's 2:30am... Is it too late for a midnight snack? #instabirthstory #birthstory

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Let's take a #selfie before things get rolling! #instabirthstory #birthstory

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