05/04/2015 08:06 pm ET Updated May 05, 2015

Georgia Sheriff Victor Hill Refuses To Talk After Police Say He Shot Woman Friend

A Georgia sheriff suspected of shooting a female acquaintance in the stomach has refused to cooperate with investigators, police said Monday.

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill, 50, shot and critically injured 43-year-old real estate agent Gwenevere McCord on Sunday evening inside a model home in suburban Atlanta, WSB-TV in Atlanta reported, citing police.

Hill called the shooting "accidental" in a 911 call, police said, but he wouldn't tell officers at the scene what happened.

“He refused to cooperate and give any statement,” Gwinnett police Sgt. Brian Doan said. McCord, who was working alone in the model home when she was shot, was in critical condition Monday and unable to provide any information, police told reporters.

Hill wasn't charged and was allowed to leave the scene.

"When you're an active sheriff in the state of Georgia, there are certain legal requirements and steps that have to be taken," Doan told NBC Atlanta. "It's not just an average citizen, where you can take out a warrant for their arrest."

Under Georgia law, “a sitting sheriff cannot be charged except by a warrant issued by a Superior Court judge," the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

“You have to have the warrant issued before the sheriff can be arrested,” Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter said Monday. “What I’m trying to figure out is, does that apply to a sheriff all the time, or only in the performance of his official duty.”

A statement from Gwinnett County police identified Hill as the 911 caller who referred to the shooting as "accidental." Police haven't released the recording of the call, citing the ongoing investigation.

Hill began his second term as sheriff in 2013 after he was acquitted of 27 felony charges, including racketeering, theft by taking, violating his oath of office, making false statements and influencing a witness.



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