05/05/2015 03:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sassy Wife Has Best Response To Husband's 'Make Me A Sandwich' Demand (NSFW)

An Austin, Texas man named Andrew Park "jokingly commanded" his wife Koa to make him a sandwich recently. So she did just that and added a few choice words in mustard:

Park told The Huffington Post that his wife of five years replied to his request with a suspiciously sweet, "Oh, okay!"

"Then she gracefully placed the plate on my desk in an over-the-top, housewife-caricature type of way and walked off," he said to HuffPost. "I looked down and started to laugh and proceeded to ask why there weren't any chips."

In case you were wondering, Park did actually eat the ham sandwich, but not before taking a picture to post on Reddit. Since it was posted on Monday, it has amassed more than 270,000 views.

"Since my wife will probably read this, [the sandwich] was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS," he added.

Courtesy of the couple

H/T Reddit

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